Tuesday, February 12, 2008

painting critique 1

Tuesday February 12, 2008

The hanging of our presentation in the "No Exit Gallery" went fairly well. There were concerns about which colors should go next to others, horizontals hanging next to verticals, and which compositions looked best next to each other. Considering the range of different styles, the arrangements made were suitable.

A lot of the work seemed unfinished, and it is a shame for this class to be under prepared since it is the final painting class. But there was some good work and some good thought put in each work.

Ashley's installation worked as a commentary on food consumption. I was concerned with the brown fabric she chose to make her plushy burger and other objects, but looking back on it now I think that it can convey the feeling of a more down to earth thought process of looking past convenience and going for what is good for the body. The drawing that was done on the wall could stand out more in my opinion, the crude approach to it made it feel like an after thought.

Ryan had a drawing that used its white space to create an atmosphere, and the drawings represented random events that could have happened in a single place. It doesn't bother me that they seem random, the culmination of the elements suggested an environment that exists in the mind as opposed to how we can define a specific place like a restaurant or cafe.

Mark B. put a lot of thought into his concept. The painting was unfinished, but it was an ambitious size to work with for a first painting of the semester. The did give enough information for us to read into the meaning of the painting. The frame of the computer window inside the edges of the canvas frame made for an interesting design. Subject was based on class issues and who owns power and control.

Kyle's subject matter of death row inmates is something that I'm interested in because I have a definite opinion of capital punishment and that it should not be an option for the government to kill people. Should we ever bring ourselves to vengeance as oppose to understanding,.

Courtney's was unfinished, but really yellow.

Misty's was interesting because of the layers and how it reflected the way we protect ourselves with walls we construct with our personalities.

Deana's seemed undone, although her title did seem to make it more complete.

Jessica is working on her sketchbook style, I like the concept of the construction but I'm not sure what she is trying to say subject wise.

Daniel's work was really thought out. The haiku he wrote goes something like:
The sparrow flies over the morning traffic on his way to work.
Thats not it exactly, but I thought it was pretty cleaver. I thought his colors worked well together. I liked the red lines used to draw the bird as they contrasted well with the yellow used in the rest of the painting.

Billy's wild bird creature has a moving challenge. He doesn't like to relocate and is burdened by all his stuff.

Thats one painting down, almost, only 19 more to go.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Painting Post One

This is my first post on this blog.